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As a bespoke and small family breeder, we do not have available adoptions year-round. This is to ensure the health and happiness of both the parents and puppies.  All of our puppies come with the following:

🐾 Vaccination

🐾  Desexing 

🐾  Microchip

🐾  Worming, flea and tick treatments

🐾  Individual full health report including comprehensive checks.

To ensure an easy transition, we make each puppy their own puppy pack. This includes our new puppy guide, milestones booklet, training guidance and tips booklet, vouchers, food and each puppy has their own transition blanket.

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Application Form

Do you have any experince with dogs or other pets?
Do you have a garden, courtyard or enough time to excercise your puppy?
Do you have any colour preferences? Please note it may be a little longer if you have very specific preferences.
Do you have a size preference? (noting Bernedoodles are a giant breed and therefore standard can be over hip height in size)
Do you have any gender preferences?
We usually place up until around one year ahead, do you have a preferred time frame to welcome your new family member?
Our prices reflect our breeding, family raised and USA imported parents. Please confirm that you have read our website and understand our breeding. We aim to review applications within one week. Successful applicants will be asked to place a $500 deposit to secure a puppy, if they wish to proceed.

Thanks for submitting!

Adoption Process

We then contact all of our the successful families via text message to offer a place.  This is on a first in basis so please note that they are usually spoken for within a day or two so if you are actively looking please ensure a response to make sure that nobody misses out.
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We have a comprehensive welcome email and ask that you add any additional information. It is absolutely up to you to choose your puppy within the litter. We do like to give suggestions to help find the perfect fit and personality for your home.
We are looking for the most suitable homes and therefore our application process is designed for us to have a great understanding of your home. In doing so we will be able to assist you in finding the perfect puppy.
Please feel free to also email if you would like to followup and we do occasionally get last minute cancellations due to circumstance changes so we can keep you updated.
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