As a mix between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, Bernedoodles are loyal, loving and gentle. Like us, they each have their own, distinct personality and many of them are not afraid to put it on show! From active and energetic to calm and placid, there’s no doubt there’s an ideal puppy ready to perfectly fit into your family. One thing they all have in common though, is their friendly nature and love of cuddles!

Our Bernedoodles vary in size, depending on their litter size, gender and of course, parents. Generally speaking, our Bernedoodles grow up to be between knee to hip height. In exciting news, we will also have Miniature Bernedoodles available from mid 2021 who are expected to be just below knee height.

Coat Types

Our dogs are F1b and F2, meaning their coat is low-shedding and hypoallergenic. The puppies mostly have a fleece coat, however some have a wool-like, curly, or silky smooth coat.

Their colours range from tri, phantom tan, parti, black and white, yet are all completely unique, adding to their beautiful characters.

Vet Checks

From our thorough research and global quest, we’ve found and continued the standard of raising happy and healthy puppies. Our parent lines are from selective American Bernedoodle families. We visit and work closely with our American family breeder and vet specialists to ensure optimum health.

All of our Bernedoodle parents have regular specialist check-ups while each puppy has comprehensive vet checks throughout their time with us.

Upon meeting and taking home your puppy, we’ll provide you with a complete puppy pack to make the transition as easy as possible. This includes food, blanket with our familiar scent, vouchers, information booklet, their favourite toy, and treats. All report papers will be supplied, including specification on heart, eyes, hearts, lungs and musculoskeletal system prior to leaving our care. Plus, all of our puppies will be vaccinated, desexed, micro chipped and of course treated for fleas, ticks and worms before they move in with their new family.



Absolutely! We encourage all families to visit once a puppy has been confirmed. This way, you can introduce yourself beforehand and also see where our puppies first grow up. Puppies must be a minimum of five weeks old before they can have visitors due to their safety and health.


We recommend Dogtainers and Aeropets to safely transport our beautiful puppies. From a young age, we quietly play our puppies plane sounds to ease them into being comfortable if the situation arises. The puppies will also fly with a regular blanket for familiarity and comfort. We can also help with private flights- consider this four paws business class!


As a small and selective breeder, we have limited puppies available. We restrict the amount of litters a year to ensure the health and happiness of our parent Bernedoodles. Stay up to date on our litters here- RSVP


Due to the limited litters, the process is very selective. We want to ensure our Bernedoodles are welcomed into the right family environments. Once you submit your details here, we’ll have most of the information we’ll need for when the puppies are ready to find their forever families. Upon confirming a new pregnancy, we’ll be in touch with plenty of updates.



We receive many emails and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can be. We just need a little patience, especially when there are paws on the floor! In the meantime, see our FAQ page. To stay up to date with litters and adoption information, submit your details here.

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