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Welcome to the 
Bernedoodle Family


As a small, family breeder, we specialise in raising beautiful, loyal, and well natured Bernedoodles, with love and care from their very first moments. From birth to their forever home, they’re cared for and loved as part of our family until they meet yours. They’re surrounded by nature and socialised with children, making them the ideal addition to complete any family. 

What are Bernedoodles?

We breed multi generation Bernedoodles that are the ideal combination of the loving Bernese Mountain dog with the intelligent low shedding poodle side. 


Bernedoodles are loyal, loving and gentle. Like us, they each have their own, distinct personality. From active to calm and placid, there’s no doubt there’s an ideal puppy ready to perfectly fit into your family. One thing they all have in common though, is their friendly nature and love of cuddles!

We breed multi gen puppies for health, coat and temperament. 

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