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Our Home

Our journey to get to where we are today has taken us across Europe and America to ensure we find the best lines of Bernedoodles, while ensuring they too, have been raised in a loving, healthy and caring environment. Personally seeing premier Bernedoodles across the world for over three years, we understand the breed and we take our research, responsibility and relationship very seriously in all realms of the journey. That’s why we only have limited litters each year so our own parent Bernedoodles can remain healthy, happy and live their best dog life, too.

We’re excited to introduce you to your new family addition.


Our Parents

We breed multi generation Bernedoodles for consistency within our breeding. We have established our own breeding lines ensuring that health and happiness is a top priority.

Our parents are a huge part of our family. They are raised in our home and we DO NOT guardian. 

From our thorough research and global quest, we’ve found and continued the standard of raising happy and healthy puppies. Our parent lines are from selective American Bernedoodle families. We visit and work closely with our American family breeder and vet specialists to ensure optimum health.

All of our Bernedoodle parents have regular specialist check-ups and are DNA tested.

FAQ & Accreditations

We are active members of the the dog community and hold the following registrations:

QLD Government registered breeder

National Companion Pet Institute

Royal Canin registered breeder

American Kennel Club (ANKC) training

DAF government approved

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